Trumpeachment Time Already?

I thought W was absolutely impeachable. It seemed a no-brainer. Despite the documented war crimes and bloody, deliberate murder of hundreds of thousands of Soldiers and Civilians, despite what seemed a national consensus, I was shocked by how many politicians (including many so called Democrats) prevented that from happening. I wrote “Impeach” many years ago for W and Bushco. It seems relevant again today.

My laughter has shifted gradually to quiet concern and is presently on a collision course with actionable dismay.

Trump is a fucking whack-job and he has surrounded himself with equally lunatic, incompetent swamp dwellers. Trumpco is more dangerous than Bushco and I hope the inevitable intervention happens soon – before something very HUGE and very bad happens on their watch.

Watching Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resign less than 30 days in (his security clearance yanked)  and witnessing the circus act that is Conway / Spicer attempting to deflect truth about this serious matter is dangerously dreadful. The prospect that Russia really did communicate with the Trump campaign all along transcends Logan Act crime and represents nothing less than a serious, urgent threat to national security.

As relates to constitutional legal remedy, I believe Trumpco is rightfully centered in the cross hairs of Article II Section 4  . As for a non-constitutional remedy, what will the millions of GOP-loyal, Flag Waving Patriots do if Trumpco is proven to be in bed with Russia?

Here’s a quick PSA to share.

What Say You? Disagree with me?

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