Words, Action, Songs

As I recap my personal and professional accomplishments during 2016, there are a few goals I will not accomplish on schedule. As I evaluate my performance, there were far too many words, not enough action and not nearly enough songs written. While Facebook has served well to reconnect socially and share a few ideas, my ratio of word count to quality has suffered for it and I am signing off for a while to refocus. A few other strategic life adjustments are in process as well. I plan to keep an active Twitter account and this blog which will be updated periodically.

2017 Priority #1 – Finish writing and recording for a new record worth releasing. 

Aside from keeping decent income levels flowing in to cover home, utilities, margaritas and guitar picks, I will continue my general mission to smack down tyranny AKA “enemies domestic” (the foreign enemies and wars we wage are mostly if not all fabricated and fomented by politicians). 2017 will likely see more of the same.

I will also continue my work with a few key projects that remain unresolved. You probably have a few causes and mission objectives of your own – Good! If not, check these out:

  • The toxic nuclear dump that is Rocky Flats because GOV and private $$$ are trying to open the kill zone up for human occupation and eventual, inevitable human consumption – one rare cancer and tumor at a time. I even wrote a ditty – Please visit the team at Rocky Flats Downwinders for more.
  • Stand With Standing Rock by taking direct and indirect action to force accountability and real reform. Water truly is life and environmental racism continues while GOV and Corporate Oil run right over the top of us – all of us! There are so many crowd funding sites that claim to be supporting Standing Rock and at least a few are simply opportunistic fucks in search of easy bucks.


From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock

If you have a few extra bucks and a desire to support a factual account of this story, I recommend one film project that is certain to become a historic reference. I met Kevin McKiernan and Willard Carlson during my second trip to Standing Rock. We talked over breakfast and the more I listened to these gentlemen, (okay , I use the term loosely, Willard – and we are fresh out of enemas in the Medic Tent) , I realized how important this documentary film will be.There are more than thirty “documentaries” being cranked out right now about Standing Rock and all will provide some chronology / perspective. What makes From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock unique:

More information and donation link here

Speaking of Wounded Knee –  just a few weeks after the murder of Sitting Bull

Wounded Knee, 12/29/1890

Lakota Accounts of the Massacre

Who America was in 1890 seems similar who America is in 2016

I wish you well and I look forward to staying connected. Compared to the past year, 2017 will be nothing but sunshine and lollipops!



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