#DAPL Doug – We Got Us A Gusher!

Hey Governor Doug , Scott Hennen, Morton County Sheriff’s Department. How many more “Farmer Steve Jenkins and Wife Patty Jensen” stories (AKA WHITE PEOPLE drowning in oil three years on) will find national ink and televised coverage before the rest of a predominantly white North Dakota population finally joins these brave honest Indigenous Families to RISE UP TOGETHER and hold each of you legally accountable for knowingly trading their collective rights to public health and welfare in exchange for widespread soil and water contamination  

or as you appear to see it, State Oil Revenue……..Wait…What’s This…….



Belle Fourche / True Companies ORDERED to STEP IT UP!

“The U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issued a corrective action order to Belle Fourche, which is owned by True Cos.”

Check out the True Companies and all they do for you.

Let’s hope they live up to their Founder H.A. Dave True’s Vision :


Okay, Where Was I Doug? Right, The Data! 

The truthful , damning documentation of more than 1200 environmental incidents across North Dakota during the past 12 months has been available for review practically real time at the North Dakota Department of Health website.That’s 296 Environmental Incidents (Including the 12/5 Belle Fourche leak, an estimated 176,400 gallons from a 6″ pipe ) and a whopping 909that’s Nine Hundred Nine – Oilfield / Oil and Gas Environmental Incidents IN TWELVE MONTHS!


I award you a few “new guy” points and some latitude but you must have spewed “paradigm shift” ten times during your first speech. Some of your team definitely requires this brief tutorial:

spewed – “as in gushing – a massive oil leak gushing into a creek or river”
paradigm shift – “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way”

Now Doug,

Please don’t be “#DAPL Doug” – Be “Doug the Paradigm Shift” for the public health and welfare of the People of North Dakota.

For the rest of you clowns,

Diverting attention from this dangerous truth by violently attacking the physical bodies of, as well as the personal reputations and inalienable human rights of these Water Protectors is reprehensible, inhumane and legally actionable. No amount of media or political spin will veil your entitled, arrogant and miscalculated behavior – a pre-genocidal cocksureness that rivals the late George Custer.


Awake White Guy (ashamed by most of you)

P.S. Scott Hennen– You wearing a Fighting Sioux jersey is silly and ironic. Mostly silly.

Update 23DEC16 This link to Dog Whistle Politics is provided for Scott Hennen only!


Will Governor Doug Feel that Ass Tickle from “Spawn” Hannity?


John Bolenbaugh – Navy (Bronze Star) Veteran and Enbridge Oil Whistleblower has put his life on the line again as a civilian to expose the fraud and the real health risk facing his community. John has been on site at Standing Rock and I hope you will check out his work!

Hey North Dakota, Hey America – THIS IS YOU AND ME- coming very soon! Seriously , all of the non-Indigenous pipeline leak victims in this video might help you to realize THIS IS YOU AND ME!

Wake Up and Smell The Oil – Before You Are Consumed By It!

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