Hey DAPL Doug – Check Your Oil!

First and foremost, Congratulations Governor!


I hope everyone will welcome Doug aboard and register for his upcoming Inauguration! 

I just caught your video statement about “legally” completing #DAPL replete with a confident bluster only a Custer could muster. Based on your own North Dakota Department of Health data, it appears you will be very busy plugging hundreds of Black Snake Holes. With 296 Environmental Incidents (Including 12/5 Belle Fourche , an estimated 176,400 gallons from a 6″ pipebelle

and a whopping 909that’s Nine Hundred Nine – Oilfield / Oil and Gas Environmental Incidents in just 12 months, (and those are just the “reported ones”) my guess is you have already developed a hearty taste for the $tuff!



One more thought, I recommend  BEFORE you meet with Tribal Leaders, you might view this brief history “Refresher” as you craft your heartfelt apology and a proper action plan to honor the truth and the treaties. Did you know about the U.S. GOV Forced Sterilization of Lakota Women? Seriously , check out the video. Costner cameo at the end!  Should you choose oil and money over safe water,  no doubt this story of your mismanagement will outlive the crisis in Corpus Christi and other lands across America. Hell , speaking of Corpus Christi, you might manage to wrap up your GOV gig in a worse position than Chris Christie! Check your Oil, DAPL Doug!


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