Trumpeachment Time Already?

I thought W was absolutely impeachable. It seemed a no-brainer. Despite the documented war crimes and bloody, deliberate murder of hundreds of thousands of Soldiers and Civilians, despite what seemed a national consensus, I was shocked by how many politicians (including many so called Democrats) prevented that from happening. I wrote "Impeach" many years ago for W and … Continue reading Trumpeachment Time Already?

#DAPL Doug – We Got Us A Gusher!

Hey Governor Doug , Scott Hennen, Morton County Sheriff's Department. How many more "Farmer Steve Jenkins and Wife Patty Jensen" stories (AKA WHITE PEOPLE drowning in oil three years on) will find national ink and televised coverage before the rest of a predominantly white North Dakota population finally joins these brave honest Indigenous Families to … Continue reading #DAPL Doug – We Got Us A Gusher!

Hey DAPL Doug – Check Your Oil!

First and foremost, Congratulations Governor! I hope everyone will welcome Doug aboard and register for his upcoming Inauguration!  I just caught your video statement about "legally" completing #DAPL replete with a confident bluster only a Custer could muster. Based on your own North Dakota Department of Health data, it appears you will be very busy plugging hundreds … Continue reading Hey DAPL Doug – Check Your Oil!